The Chamber Minute 06/02/23

The Chamber Minute 06/02/23

The Chamber Minute

Welcome, almost, to the summer of 2023. Today we are going to focus on Gratitude. So, what is it? Gratitude is showing appreciation for and returning kindness. What experiences have you had which you are grateful for? Did you express that gratitude? I know for me, one such person was my scoutmaster Mr. Follas. He taught me the basic elements of working as a team, striving for excellence and how to lead. As an adult I had the chance to convey my appreciation to him, which made all the difference for him and for me.

Let me share a story with you about a veteran’s car and a son’s keepsake. Justin Rozier of Moore, Texas, really cherished anything his father once had. As he approached getting a driving permit, he mentioned to his mother that he would really like any vehicle his dad once owned. Dad was an army officer killed in Iraq when Justin was 9 months old. His mom was forced to sell dad’s 1999 Celica to help make ends meet. While there was not much hope in finding it after all these years, she thought she had to try. As she said, “I have seen magical things happen on Facebook”. So she posted both the VIN number of the car and the reason she was seeking it. In northeastern Utah Kyle Fox, a veteran himself, was captured by the story. He actually located the car and, with several of his friends, bought it. They then got a volunteer army of mechanics and body men to restore it as close to new as they could. On Justin’s 15th birthday, they drove the car to Texas to give it to him. Justin was actually speechless. His mouth was open, but no words came out, as he sat in the car. Now he had a chance to remember something about dad, that he never knew. For mom it was a chance to welcome home her husband, which she couldn’t do before. Both were extremely grateful. Kyle and his team were also grateful for making a difference. Gratitude is important to both the giver and the receiver.

Step one in this process is to acknowledge those things you are thankful for. When you are looking for good, it can change your whole outlook on the day. So, here’s a homework assignment for this week. Put 10 nickels in your left pocket. Every time you see something you are thankful for, like a soft chair or a flat fixed or a cup of coffee given to you, move one nickel to your right pocket. Having seen all those blessings, step two is to do something to show your gratitude.

Our time, on earth, to show our gratitude is limited. So do it now!

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