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Oregon property taxes apply to privately owned real property such as land, homes, farms, stores, factories, warehouses and commercial offices. The property tax rate is calculated annually by county assessors based on levies of local taxing districts and total value. The property tax rate is limited by the state constitution to 1.5 percent of assessed value, excluding voter approved bonded debt. Assessed value is based on the lowest real market value of that property during the tax year.

For detailed information contact the Coos County Tax Department in the Courthouse, Coquille, OR 97423, (541) 396-3121, ext. 268. The State of Oregon has no sales tax. Individuals, estates, trusts, partial year residents and non-residents with Oregon income pay state income taxes. Corporations doing business in Oregon pay state excise taxes. Additional information is available from the Oregon Department of Revenue, 955 Center Street NE, Salem, OR 97310, (503) 378-4988.


The Assessor’s Office is preparing short (30 to 60 minute) training sessions:  Combined Power Point plus handouts planned.


Real Property Tax presentations (for both small and large groups)

  • In-office demo and hands-on training for Assessor’s ArcGIS map system,
  • 2017-2018 Assessment results and specifics for different locales,
  • ORCATS online knowledge base (how to use it to your maximum advantage),
  • Measure 50 basics of Oregon property tax system


Business Personal Property presentations (for both small and large groups)

  • What is Business Personal Property tax; and what is the law?
  • Valuing your Business Personal Property
  • Filling out the forms
  • Appealing your values


Ideally, we would like to present most of the material in large-group settings to reach the largest audience of interested participants possible, but some is best suited to smaller groups of 4-5 people (hands-on demos/ training/Q&A of ArcGIS system).

I’ve already done small-group trial run at one local Realtor®; it worked OK…  We’d gladly work with individual offices/individual business owners,  and especially professional groups as needed: (Small Business Development Center, Tax preparers, CPA’s, Realty Board, etc).

For those interested, please contact me at the CCAO (541-396-7901) or Personal Property Expert Ron Schaar (541-396-7905) to discuss a schedule.