The Chamber Minute 10/27/23

The Chamber Minute 10/27/23

The Chamber Minute

You’re probably familiar with the children’s book, Stone Soup by Marcia Brown. There are a few versions of the story, but the common one is about two hungry soldiers who stop at a village with an empty cooking pot. The villagers won’t share any of their food with the soldiers, so they decide to fill the pot with water and a magic stone. Of course, the villagers are curious and eventually add various ingredients to the pot, which creates a delicious soup. There was a need, a unique solution was used and all worked together to create the success.

Coming out of the past few years of COVID restrictions, there is an even greater need in our community for likeminded folks to gather, look for dynamic ways to meet our needs and work as a together to get it done. Last year the downtown merchants in North Bend, led by an imaginative and energetic group of women, wanted to get folks back to shopping and celebrating their community. Instead of simply talking, they created events for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day that were good times, well attended and profitable for all. You have seen those efforts continue to expand through the North Bend Main Street program.

Your Chamber of Commerce is composed of people united in addressing the issues and opportunities for business and community. It is their volunteer work which enables us to promote a positive business climate and a healthy community. After the challenges given to all of us in the past couple years, teamwork, new ideas to address new solutions and issues, and timely results are a must. We have many good committees that, over the years, were started to meet an opportunity. Each of them needs your help to best address today’s and tomorrow’s issues now. Also, there might new areas of focus that you can define for your Chamber of Commerce.

So, let’s get together and make that needed difference. Give me a call today and we will set you up.

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