The Chamber Minute 10/06/23

The Chamber Minute 10/06/23

The Chamber Minute

To ensure that business succeeds and thrives in the Bay Area and key community projects facilitated, the Bay Area Chamber of Commerce (BACC) is committed to the following Strategic Objectives:

Create a strong local economy

Through supporting the retention and growth of existing local business, focusing on tourism opportunities, supporting industrial development in our area, facilitating new business wanting to relocate here & streamlining the state and local permitting process.

Promote the Community

Through using a positive area marketing message both internally and externally, promoting Oregon’s Adventure Coast, by collaborating with other agencies on product/area branding and by supporting the area’s visitor centers.

Provide Networking Opportunities

The Chamber is the hub of information for business & community, utilizing events like Business after Hours, Wednesday Business Connection, the Economic Outlook Forum, the Chamber Awards Banquet and more, to spread that word, while providing time for businesses to connect.

Represent Business Issues

By advocating for business issues at all levels of government, continuing to research and take positions on issues important to business and community, and by strengthening lobbying efforts with the state.

Build a strong Chamber

Engage new & active members in our committee activities and events; provide a mentoring program to ensure their success and incorporate best practices from Chambers around the state to continue our growth and effectiveness into the future.


Our Focus Areas in 2023


  • Chamber Teams—Are the right issue areas covered? How do we create an inertia of motion, again?
  • Communication—How do we get our message out and engage the membership. Focus on all elements: email, social media, Newsletters and Face to Face.
  • Membership—What do they need? How are they engaged in building our successful business and community climate?
  • Advocacy—How can we be effective on all levels: local, county and state? What kind of team do we need to accomplish that?


The key ingredient to achieving these goals is you the Chamber member. It is your knowledge and willingly given volunteer time which enables your Chamber to make positive differences in both our business climate and community. Thanks to all of you active in these efforts. If you haven’t that opportunity yet, give us a call and we have a spot for you.


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