The Chamber Minute 07/21/23

The Chamber Minute 07/21/23

The Chamber Minute.

A while ago, I had the opportunity to spend some time in Washington D. C. Although most of what I did was work, I did end up with a few hours to look around. I went through the Capitol Building and saw historic chambers used for the Supreme Court and the early House of Representatives. I also sat in the Senate Chamber. While listening to the debate, I looked at the ancient desks and thought of the multitudes of issues that have been argued over them.

I also found a lot of other things in our Nation’s capitol. Weather was marginal, people were often very abrupt and prices were out of this world. It was good to get home.

We are truly blessed to live on the Oregon Coast where our surroundings are beautiful, our weather is wonderful year round, and the people you meet on the street actually talk to you. If we love this community, we must work to keep it and improve it for tomorrow. We work, often as volunteers. Volunteers addressing issues that we feel are important. What needs do you see? Let me encourage you to find your answer and do something. Your willingness to step up, simply because it’s the right thing to do, will determine how outstanding Oregon’s Bay Area can be.

What do you expect this area to be in ten years? Your expectations are important, because seldom do you exceed them. You don’t get what you want, you get what you expect. So let’s expect greatness and figure out what we need, and how to apply it, to get there. One key is to be an active member in your Chamber. With like minded people, looking to make something happen, we find opportunities and solutions for today and tomorrow. In this pandemic world it is even more critical that we work together to enable our community to thrive, once again. Give me a call and I’ll set you up.

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