The Chamber Minute 07/07/23

The Chamber Minute 07/07/23

The Chamber Minute

Every year, about this time, I conduct a one on one conversation with each of the 21 elected members of the Chamber Board which we call Director Chats. The purpose is to get their sense of where the organization is at and where it’s headed. Let me share some of those insights with you through their own comments.

Board Relationships and Expectations

  • Like being part of an organization that makes a difference in the community. It provides networking opportunities and activities.
  • Involvement, or rather lack of involvement, by some directors needs to change
  • I like the Chamber overall, as we have an active board who don’t work a personal agenda.
  • One of the real values of the Chamber is building relationships with folks I wouldn’t normally interact with.
  • The Chamber Executive committee is a great place to grow in responsibility and effective work.
  • Likes the mix of generations on the Board.
  • The Board is like a community within itself. They are a group of amazing individuals which I’m glad to be part of.

Chamber Committees & Events

  • Really enjoy serving on the Leadership Coos Board.
  • After hours is a real benefit for new members
  • The Chamber stands for small business and addressing legislative issues and need. It’s nice to have a solid voice in government .
  • WBC is real opportunity for the Chamber and Community.
  • I enjoy the people of the Board. Going to social events like Business after Hours, grand openings, etc.
  • Especially like the LAT helping pass the Charleston area TLT measure
  • WBC is a real value, especially to new businesses. I like the present format

Chamber Operations & Communication

  • Continue to develop the use of the Community App. Through it we have more to offer them.
  • Like the open friendly discussions with the Board and Committees. We are working with the website structure to enable even more of that with our members.
  • It’s important to look at our major directions for each year.
  • Looking forward to the Chamber 101 program and videos
  • Still like the way the Chamber unites the community and keeps people informed on what’s going on.
  • Appreciates the Chamber doing something for others, and highlighting those type of opportunities to us.
  • The new Community app is excellent
  • I don’t see any changes to do in our organization. As things or opportunities come up, we make adjustments as needed.
  • Main improvement I can see is the quality of our website


LAT is the Legislative Action Team of your Chamber. WBC is the Wednesday Business Connection


Oops, it looks like I’m out of space, so we will continue this report next week.

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