The Chamber Minute 06/23/23

The Chamber Minute 06/23/23

The Chamber Minute

As I have mentioned before, I like stories, so let me share another true one with you.

Eleven year old Preston Sharp was with his mom at the cemetery, visiting and decorating his grandfather’s grave, who was a veteran. As he looked around, he realized that not every veteran had a flag at his marker, and that disappointed and made Preston angry. Several hours later, he was still harping on it. His mom said, “Son, if you are going to complain about something, you either have to do something about it or let it go.”

Next thing she knew, Preston was taking odd jobs and soliciting donations to buy flags and flowers for every veteran in his grandpa’s cemetery. And when that cemetery was covered, he moved onto another, and then another.

In his first two years some 23,000 graves were decorated. Now when word gets out Preston will be at a cemetery, a lot of folks feel compelled to join in. It is a movement of young and old, of those who served themselves and those who are so grateful they did, all led by this little pied piper of patriotism who saw an injustice and decided to do something about it.

What that young man’s actions represent is the something that is special in each and every one of us. We have all have the ability to make a difference. We have to be aware of what that talent is and more importantly step up to use it. Maybe at school or work or the food bank or in the Chamber. That’s our challenge as individuals and a community. And if we, together, decide to make that difference, I have no doubt that our Oregon Coast, will have an excellent future. It’s in your hands.

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