The Chamber Minute 04/28/23

The Chamber Minute 04/28/23

The Chamber Minute

I love stories so let me share a special one with you!

After several days of maneuvers in bad weather, a US Navy battleship confronted problems in the dark. A lookout reported to the bridge, describing a light he saw off the starboard bow. When the Captain realized the two vessels were cutting a collision course, he sent a message, “we are on a collision course. Advise you change course 20 degrees”. The distant light flashed a return message, “advisable for you to change course 20 degrees”. The battleship captain sent, “I am a captain! Change course 20 degrees”. “I am a seaman second class, you had better change course 20 degrees”. The enraged captain sent, “I am a battleship, change course 20 degrees”. Came the reply, “I am a lighthouse”. The battleship immediately changed course. Effective leaders know how to change course in the face of those lighthouse realities.

You are all leaders, whether it is in the family, business or community. Leaders who were faced with more change and opportunity this past couple years and will see more challenges in 2023. The main opportunity is the mutual support of our friends and neighbors. In the Chamber we call that networking. So as we face lighthouse realities together, how can you help? What is your unique talent? Your Chamber has a spot where you, and only you, have the ability to make things happen. If it’s not to be you, then whom are you willing to let determine our community’s future? Personally, I’d rather be part of the solution and I believe you would too.

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