The Chamber Minute 03/24/23

The Chamber Minute 03/24/23

A few years ago Portland State University came out with its population projections for the next 25 years for all communities in Oregon. For Coos County they predicted 25 years of no growth. Having suffered with over 30 years of little growth, I’m not inclined to accept that future and I hope you are not either. It is truly time for a new path.

The people of Manitoba felt the same concern about 11 years ago and found no solace in their elected leaders and their game plan. Hence arose, from the people, Manitoba BOLD and more.

So, what is your BOLD idea for Oregon’s Bay Area and Coos County?

BOLD is a community defining its vision, mission and values and collaborating with civic officials and leaders throughout the community to come together for the success of Coos County. Our area has survived because of the passion of the people that live here. Where would Oregon’s Bay Area be without the John Whitty’s, the Louie Simpson’s, the Gordon Ross’s or dozens of others throughout our history. Where would this county be without all of you? You are all leaders in some way. Everyone in this community plays a role in its successful future. It’s our time to come together with a common vision for, and a common voice defining, what our home is and will be. It is time that we took the reins and define who we are, what we want to be and what is good for us and our children. Now that’s a BOLD idea!

We know every business venture starts with a vision. So, I’m here to ask you, WHAT IS YOUR BOLD IDEA for Oregon’s Bay Area and Coos County? Let’s make that difference now!

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