The Chamber Minute 02/05/24

The Chamber Minute 02/05/24

Chamber Minute

From the Desk of Rosey Thomas:

February 5, 2024

Rosey in for another Chamber Minute: Bob More wrote some words in lieu of a speech at the Bay Area Chamber Awards Banquet, I would like to share the words of our 2023 Citizen of the Year Bob More. “I came to live in this community nearly fifty years ago with ordinary plans of raising my family, earning a living and contributing to community life. One of my goals in achieving this was to find ways I could be of service. While building and operating a restaurant was service of a sort; “food service”-I quickly became engaged in other kinds of community service such as serving on the Port of Coos Bay Advisory Committee. “Being of service” slowly evolved into my goal of being a community builder. I was determined NOT to strive for this in any grand way, but to work as much as possible flying under the radar. The reward for me all along has been in working on community problems/issues and seeing projects achieve some success. I hold the belief that, like the saying “all politics is local” the nation’s health and well-being is built at the community level. As an individual that is where I can make a difference. So can we all! Many of the members of the Bay Area Chamber of Commerce are community Builders. At the awards banquet, Mark Mattecheck was an excellent example as he told the story of how North Bend Lanes and his employees faced the challenge of covid. They did community building in a literal sense. Ron Kutch is a community builder working on our area’s problem of homelessness and lack of housing. Those are just two examples among many Chamber members who help our community thrive by giving service as community builders. Thank you for the honor bestowed upon me, as your citizen of the year I encourage every member of the Bay Area Chamber of Commerce to consider how they provide community service, and to think of ways that they can become community builders.

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